The Grove, Burning Man

A temporary structure for Burning Man festival in Nevada, United States. A timber plywood structure is to form a reciprocal canopy replicating a grove of trees. The canopy is formed of beams which rely on each other for support. A slender structure is required to give the impression of the movement of a tree canopy, yet it must survive the possible 100 mph winds that can be experienced in the Nevada desert.

The structure is to be designed to allow for simple fabrication and construction. The timber is to be CNC cut from plywood sheets with limited assembly before reaching site. Due to the remote site, the final assembly process must be possible with limited tools. As nothing can be left on site the structure must be stable without foundations

Working with: Heptic Collective

The Grove Concept 170417-p7a.jpg
The Grove Concept 170417-p8a.jpg

Concept and Sketch images above from Heptic Collective