Image courtesy of Ramboll

Image courtesy of Ramboll

Temple Lodge Club

The Temple Lodge Club in Hammersmith, West London, is a Grade 2 listed Georgian villa accommodating a Hotel, Restaurant and a Chapel forming a recently constructed extension. For many years Corbett and Tasker have been Temple Lodge’s Structural Engineers, responsible for upgrading and strengthening the existing historic fabric and replacing a deep, old drainage culvert, and designing contemporary ‘Garden Studio’ rooms for the Hotel with frameless structural glass, cantilevered bay windows. 

In 2012 David and Peter were the engineers for the award winning new Chapel building, constructed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT), whilst working at Ramboll. Conceived as a ‘box within a box’ to create an acoustic oasis internally, the structure was premade offsite in Germany and assembled on-site to create a weathertight shell within a matter of weeks. Glulam columns create an internal arcade down either side with a glazed floor to a separate maintenance zone above. During this construction phase, an additional storey was created for the hotel to increase the number of rooms. More recently, we strengthened the structure of the Hotel library, creating additional book storage in the process and a new corridor to the Hotel’s conference facility.

Architect: Nicolas Pople

Images in top row: Corbett & Tasker Ltd | Site photographs in bottom row: Nicolas Pople