Photograph: Will Simpson

Photograph: Will Simpson

Rising Sun - Liverpool Docks

In Summer 2018 Corbett & Tasker were commissioned again to work on the Rising Sun, this time to design and erect a lightweight steel frame which could be easily transported using a Luton van and erected without the need for a crane or foundations. 

This was achieved using an adaptation of the traditional ‘barn-raising’ technique and a ‘block and tackle’ to winch the hinged frame into place, with site bolted connections where necessary to ensure the frame could be flat packed between each use. The new frame was used for the installation of the Rising Sun at the Liverpool Tall Ships Race with great success.

Lead Artist: William Simpson
Sound Artist: Toby Wiltshire
Production Designer: Christopher Daniel
Structural Engineer: Corbett & Tasker 
Audio Visual Technical Manager: Event Design Co
Producer: Bev Ayre

Photographs: Will Simpson

Video above left: Marco Paselli | Photograph above centre: Marco Paselli | Photograph above right: Will SImpson

Rising Sun2 model stills.jpg