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Project Rise: Old Vic, New Voices

This was a unique 200-seat temporary theatre for the Old Vic Community Company on Millenium Green, Waterloo, for which Corbett & Tasker acted as the consulting structural engineers. 

The theatre axis was aligned on the diagonal of a square plan and the roof pitched on this axis,  allowing for a double height stage. The diagonal span was shortened using primary and secondary beams which reduced the required number of elements for the structure. The structure was designed and built from a proprietary lightweight aluminium scaffolding system,  negating the need for substantial foundations, which would have greatly increased the impact on the park and construction time.  The scaffolding system allowed the tented structure to be constructed in five days, keeping within the tight procurement schedule. 

Working with: Collective Works, Polysemic, and the Old Vic Community Company

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Photographs: Peter Lander