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Loft Library

Corbett and Tasker designed the structure for the renovation of a residential building where the client wanted to install a library in their attic space and improve the energy efficiency of their house.

The existing structure was retained as much as possible. However, the typical attic space wasn’t designed for the high loading generated from the storage of books. Extra structure was therefore integrated into the building to strengthen the existing trusses. 

Plywood arches down the length of the attic, CNC cut from plywood sheets, adjust the load path of the truss to allow for a diagonal truss member to be removed. To limit the impact of the new structure, the new stair into the attic was hung from the same structure added into the roof.

To improve the energy efficiency of the building, care had to be taken in developing the structural details with the architect.

Architect: Arboreal Architecture

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Photographs by Agnese Sanvito

Proposed elevation (Arboreal Architecture)

CNC cutting drawing (Arboreal Architecture)